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HSC Library 1 - 32 bit (version 2.0) - currently in Final Development

This is a shareware Visual Basic DLL (COM object) which provides a number of commonly used functions for use in your applications. While initially developed for use with Visual Basic/VBA programs, it can be used with programs written in almost any language, as long as they can reference an ActiveX/COM object. This product is currently in final development.

The feature list has not been finalized, but will include:

Help file functions
System Information functions
Access security function
Registry and INI file functions

When you purchase HSC Library, your purchase price includes:

application DLL (hsclib1.dll)
documentation (word document)
unlimited use license
one year of free updates
How to Purchase

The latest version is currently in final development and is not available for sale.; Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this tool and would like to be informed when it is available.

Purchase Price

HSC Library (version 2.0) is $50.00

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