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We service both medium sized local companies and Fortune 5 international organizations. Applications which we have developed are utilized around the globe.

Custom Applications

Recently developed applications include the following:

An Activity Based Costing (ABC) application, for an international energy company, used to collect and report ABC data from around the world. Includes a "headquarters" consolidation application and an interface to a 3rd party ABC modeling tool (OROS). The interface to OROS programmatically constructs the appropriate OROS model and then imports the data into the OROS model to do detail ABC cost modeling.
A Customer Service application, for a nation-wide retailer, to track customer comments/complaints. The application tracks the resolution and cost to resolve for complaints.
A Store Bonus application, for a nation-wide retailer, to calculate monthly and seasonal bonus based on individual store performance.
A Cost Allocation system, for an international energy company, to allocate corporate/regional overhead costs, by function, to subsidiaries around the world.
A Reporting system, for an international advertising agency, to provide additional reporting capabilities for a 3rd party system.

These systems have utilized Visual Basic, Access, Excel, Outlook and SQL Server. We have also utilized OROS (from ABC Technologies) and TM1 (from Applix Technologies).

Other Services

While our main focus is custom application development, we believe that building relationships and helping our clients run their business more efficiently (especially our smaller clients) is an important part of our mission. To that end, when we feel we have the required competence, we have aided our smaller clients in a number of other areas.

Needs analysis and assistance in packaged application selection and implementation.
Implementation of networking solutions, including all hardware and software installations
Internet sharing, domain mail implementations and web site development.
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