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Version Updater - 32 bit (version 3.0) - currently in Beta

This is a shareware Visual Basic program which (via an INI file) controls the automatic updating of applications that have already been deployed. While initially developed for use with Visual Basic/VBA programs, it can be used with programs written in almost any language. It can also be used with 16 bit programs (running on Windows 9x or NT).

To utilize Version Updater:

Add a version checking function to you application (sample code is provided).
When your application starts, the version checking function compares the application version to the latest version (in a server based in file).
If the server has a newer version, Version Updater is launched and waits for your application to quit.
Based on information in the INI file, Version Updater will update your application.

Version Updater has the capability to copy files, run programs, register DLL's, etc.

When you purchase Version Updater, your purchase price includes:

application executable (verupdate.exe)
sample function to check versions and launch verupdate.exe
sample INI file to control the update process
documentation (word document)
unlimited use license
one year of free updates

Version Updater - 16 bit (version 1.5)

The 16 bit version of this program is not as fully featured and is not generally available for sale. If you are interested in this program for a Windows 3.x environment, please contact us for more information.

How to Purchase

The latest version is currently in beta and is not available for sale. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this program and would like to be informed when it is available.

Purchase Price

Version Updater (version 3.0) is $40.00

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